The nomenclature used in the SEIDOR One Terms and Conditions shall apply to this document

1.1 Definitions

1.1.1 "Active Directory" A Microsoft Active Directory Domain Controller;

1.1.2 "Anti-Malware" Anti-Virus signature and behavioural protection;

1.1.3 "Application" SAP Business One as well as any integration, add-on, web service or line of business system;

1.1.4 "Backup Retention" The time period that backups are retained;

1.1.5 "Backup Recovery Point" Backup frequency;

1.1.6 "Backup Recovery Time" The time it will take for a restore to start;

1.1.7 "Client VPN" An SSL VPN between client endpoint and Data Centre;

1.1.8 "Corporate VPN" A corporate site-to-site IPSEC VPN between a customer office location and the Data Centre;

1.1.9 "Data Centre" SEIDOR Data Centre hosted in South Africa;

1.1.10 "Database" A Microsoft SQL Server Database;

1.1.11 "Endpoint" A customer Notebook, Workstation or Networking Device;

1.1.12 "Firewall" A Shared Managed Security Gateway;

1.1.13 "HTML5 Publishing" Application access using Web Browser over HTTPS;

1.1.14 "Infrastructure" Data Centre Hardware, Firewall and VLAN (networking);

1.1.15 "Incident" An unplanned interruption to or quality reduction of an IT service;

1.1.16 "Known Problem" A problem where the cause has been identified but not resolved;

1.1.17 "NOC" Network Operations Centre;

1.1.18 "Platform" An operating system running on Data Centre infrastructure;

1.1.19 "Remote Application" Remote application publishing to the user desktop;

1.1.20 "RMM" Remote Monitoring & Management at the NOC;

1.1.21 "Remote Support" Remote assistance from the Service Desk and/or Network Operations Centre;

1.1.22 "SAP Business One Technical Patch" A patch level release within release family, e.g. 10 FP2111 to 10 FP2022;

1.1.23 "SAP Business One Technical Upgrade" An upgrade to a successor family, e.g.: 9.3 to 10;

1.1.24 "SEIDOR Cloud" SAP Business One delivered in SEIDOR Data Centre in South Africa;

1.1.25 "Task" A planned change or maintenance;

1.1.26 "Unknown Problem" Is an incident for which the root cause is not yet known or has an unknown underlying root cause.

1.2 Terms of Use

1.2.1 SEIDOR Cloud is hosted in the South Data Centre;

1.2.2 The SEIDOR Cloud hosting environment is priced per user and is designed and resourced to run SAP Business One and certified SAP B1 applications only. Cloud servers are configured according to SAP's user count server sizing recommendation. In some instances, the actual transaction volumes, lines per transaction and/or complexity of integrations, add-ons and/or automation tasks are unknown until the Customer starts testing or goes live. Should an instance occur whereby additional resources are required and not identified beforehand, the Customer will be contacted to identify the problem to discuss remediation or upgrade requirements, if necessary;

1.2.3 Microsoft SQL Servers are deployed with resources for two databases per customer (live and test). However, each customer has unique data, database sizes, complexity and transaction volumes. Should resource limits be near, or exceeded the server capacity, The Customer will be contacted to discuss a clean-up, remediation options or a possible upgrade for the database server to continue to operate at an acceptable performance level;

1.2.4 The single tenancy presentation or terminal server environment is configured with sufficient resources to run one SAP B1 Client instance per user and two instances per power user with an estimated 10% of users being power users. It is anticipated that each user may also run Coresuite, Boyum Usability Pack, Boyum Print and Delivery and/or other small usability add-ons or integrations. Each integration and add-on has unique requirements per Customer. The Customer will be notified during the blueprinting stage if it is identified that resource limitations may be encountered;

1.2.5 Due to the scalability of the Seidor Cloud environment, the Customer may want to run other line of business or Microsoft Office productivity applications in their Seidor Cloud SAP B1 environment. The Customer may also want to use their remote desktop as a full desktop to fulfil all business functions, which will qualify the Cloud environment to become a custom build. Due to each application consuming resources, Seidor One will assist in designing a suitable environment for the Customer’s specific needs;

1.2.6 Most certified SAP B1 integrations and add-ons are supported in the SEIDOR Cloud environment. However, due to the unknown or unforeseen application workings and/or transaction volumes, requirements may differ per integration, add-on or Customer. Should additional resources be required, the Customer will be notified to discuss their unique needs;

1.2.7 Each Customer deployment is based on the information available during the environment design or deployment stage. Some assumptions are made at this stage due to the lack of information that will become apparent in the Blueprint, user testing and go-live stages. Should changes be identified in these stages, the findings and/or requirements will be presented to the Customer;

1.2.8 Scalability and flexibility are some of the benefits of Cloud adoption, it is therefore beneficial to provision necessary resources only. As businesses grow, so do their data, transaction volumes and system requirements. Due to this growth, upgrades are required from time-to-time to manage the growth and cater for resource limitations. The Customer will be notified should the environment be nearing its capacity;

1.2.9 SEIDOR Cloud has a 98.5% uptime and is measured on Infrastructure only;

1.2.10 SEIDOR One does not guarantee Platform and/or Application uptimes due to the nature of various operating system, software and application behaviours, corruption and bugs. Should a platform or application experience downtime, the Support & Problem Resolution section below applies;

1.2.11 The Customer will not have access to the SQL Server Operating System. Access is limited to ensure environment security and stability.

1.3 Hosting Includes

1.3.1 SEIDOR Cloud Infrastructure and Platform;

1.3.2 Single-tenanted servers;

1.3.3 Microsoft Windows Server licensing;

1.3.4 Microsoft SQL Server licensing;

1.3.5 Active Directory authentication;

1.3.6 SEIDOR Virtual Desktop (SvD) for HTML5 web browser publishing;

1.3.7 Boyum B1UP and Print & Delivery resources on Terminal Server;

1.3.8 Firewall access list gateway security;

1.3.9 Anti-malware protection;

1.3.10 Windows patch management;

1.3.11 Remote support on Cloud Infrastructure and Operating Systems;

1.3.12 Two SQL Databases (Live & Test);

1.3.13 Database and Cloud environment backups;

1.3.14 One SAP B1 patch level or version upgrade per annum at no additional cost to The Customer.

1.4 Hosting Excludes

1.4.1 Microsoft 365 subscriptions licensing;

1.4.2 Corporate IPSec VPN (pricing available on request);

1.4.3 Client SSL VPN (pricing available on request);

1.4.4 Multi-factor authentication (MFA);

1.4.5 SAP certified add-ons, application servers and integrations other than Boyum B1UP and Print & Delivery;

1.4.6 SAP Business One Web Client and Mobile Apps;

1.4.7 Produmex Scan is available at an additional cost per user;

1.4.8 Additional SQL Databases (two included);

1.4.9 Functional setup;

1.4.10 Data take-on and/or migration;

1.4.11 SAP Business One application licenses;

1.4.12 Additional SAP Business One patch level or version upgrade (One per annum included);

1.4.13 Endpoint notebook and/or desktop installation and support.

1.5 Security

1.5.1 A shared Active Directory Domain Controller is used for user identity and authentication;
1.5.2 Servers are protected by Anti-Malware;
1.5.3 A Virtual Desktop is published on HTML5 and is delivered over secure HTTPS with a published public CA certificate;
1.5.4 Application multi-factor authentication (MFA) has become an essential additional layer of security to protect against malicious cyber-attacks. MFA is an optional security feature and is available at an additional cost per user.

1.6 Backup & Disaster Recovery

1.6.1 SQL Databases and Windows servers are backed up daily;
1.6.2 SAP Business One Server and Application Servers have a Recovery Point of prior day and a Recovery Time of 4-hours, from the time the restore starts with a 30-day retention period.

1.7 Installation and Set Up

1.7.1 SAP Business One Cloud environment will be delivered in 10-Business Days from time of official order.

1.8 General

1.8.1 Prices are valid for 30-days and subject to exchange rate fluctuations;
1.8.2 Errors and omissions excluded;
1.8.3 All service charges are exclusive of applicable taxes;
1.8.4 The SEIDOR Cloud contract term is for 12-months and is renewed annually;
1.8.5 The cancellation period is three months prior to subscription renewal.


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